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My wife was moving an end table in the penthouse we upgraded to for our family. She moved an end table to put down a murphy bed and the top wasn't attached to the base and the heave marble top fell on her tow breaking it in two places.

After numerous complaints to the hotel management, they refused to compensate us for the doctor bill and because we didn't see the resort doctor. Problem was the front desk sent us to some back alley doctor who prescribed the incorrect med resulting in an infection. Additionally, we were told by the front desk that they would not compensate her for the medical expenses. Our entire week was destroyed.

My wife couldn't walk and join the family in any events.

The manager, Fernando took pleasure in telling me that the hotel would not compensate my wife for the medical expenses or a refund for our botched week! Villa Del Arco sucks!

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Where were you while your wife was trying to move a heavy marble end table? Sitting on your fat a$$ watching tv?

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